Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loose Laptop Power Connection

This is when the connection from the AC adapter to the laptop needs to be wiggled or held at an angle to get power. This seems like a little nuisance, but it's actually a big problem. The power plug connects directly to the motherboard. When it's loose, that means that the solder has broken on the motherboard.

The only real fix is to replace the motherboard. As laptop motherboards -- basically like all mobile computer parts -- are both of proprietary design and make / model specific, replacement parts are very hard to find. The manufacturer usually charges an arm and a leg. The power connector is a weak link in nearly all laptops (with new Macs as the rule-proving exception). Forgetting that the computer is plugged in and then trying to move it will damage the connection. So, the used Online special often will wind up either being broken or on its way out, too.

You can try resoldering the broken connector, but that often just breaks again. In any case, the entire laptop needs to be disassembled. Generally, the most practical course of action is to replace the laptop.

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