Saturday, October 25, 2008


Peering into the glowing, information-laden screen, it's easy to think of a computer as a crystal ball. That's not so. Everything saved on your computer -- documents, pictures, email archives, etc. -- is on the local hard drive. Accidents, viruses, theft, and power surges are just a few of the things that can result in a total loss. Hard drives are essentially mechanical devices. The miniature motors and moving parts can fail at any time.

In the workplace, back up your information to the network for safekeeping.

To do backups, copy the files to a CD or a DVD. Use the backup feature in Outlook to create a backup file. Copy that file to a CD or a DVD.

Don't rely on external hard drives or flash drives. These are prone to failure.

Even if you make your own backup disks, it's still a good idea to backup your files to the network.


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