Monday, October 27, 2008

Laptop screens

Laptop screens are easy to replace, but the part is very expensive. It's just not worth buying a new one from the manufacturer. You might as well buy a new computer.

As laptop screens wear out, don't bother looking for a used one. A used screen might very well be about to fail.

There are dealers that offer good buys on new equipment. Each model of laptop uses a different screen. Sometimes the part changes even within production runs. It's not unusual to find that a new screen has some small difference that makes it unusable.

If a laptop screen does not light, first check that the computer is not set to display only on external screen.

If the display on the notebook computer has indeed gone dark, the entire screen needs to be replaced. There's no way to change just the bulbs.

To recover data -- or just get by -- a laptop with a non-working screen can be used with an external monitor.


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